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Spousal and Domestic Assault Cases

Gordon Dykstra has successfully defended many people accused of  spousal assault in British Columbia over the 3 decades   he’s been a BC criminal defence lawyer. He serves his   in Abbotsford and Surrey,  Chilliwack,  Langley Mission and all of  the British Columbia.


DUI / Impaired Driving
Being charged with DUI can cause a  considerable amount of anxiety, embarrassment and stress. It can also lead to serious long term issue  like diving privilege restrictions, fines,  insurance increases ,and even a criminal record. Our various offices can help you build a solid defense and will work diligently toward the best solution and outcome  for your circumstances. Call him today toll free 1-877-753-4793 for specialized legal representation.


Drug Charges

Drug crime charges  such as being in possession or trafficking  can come with with very serious penalties and jail time.  Some of the penalties go well beyond immediate penalties to long term consequences resulting in travel restrictions. probation and greatly reduced Job opportunities. Gordon J. Dykstra is a BC criminal defence attorney who can help you navigate your legal situation and its short and long term implications. Call him toll free at 1-877-753-4793 today and put 3 decades of  experience successfully defending drug charges to work for you.


Traffic / Driving Offences

Criminal traffic charges in BC lead to serious Consequences  including jail and  BC drivers’ licence revocation. Traffic offences that are criminal in nature can happen to any of us and the consequences from them can last a life.  Before thinking all hope is lost, contacts us to learn  your options  from Gordon J. Dykstra. Call him toll free at 1-877-753-4793 today to learn how you can help you keep ability  to drive.


Being charged with a criminal offence such as assault can be devastating – it is often difficult to know where to turn in the days after the incident. The best choice that you can make for yourself is to consult with knowledgeable criminal defence lawyers who can thoroughly review your case, help you understand your situation, and devise a plan. Located in Abbotsford, BC, and serving the surrounding Vancouver area, Gordon J. Dykstra, a practicing BC criminal lawyer in Abbotsford and Surrey, can help you. If you have been accused of any level of assault in British Columbia, call him today for capable, expert, and forthright legal counsel.


If you’ve been charged with fraud in BC, talk to a criminal defence lawyer experienced in litigating fraud cases. We’ve litigation bookkeeping fraud and stock market fraud cases with success. Call Gordon J. Dykstra toll free at 1-877-753-4793 to discuss your BC insider trading fraud criminal charge today.


Uttering Threats
An uttering threats charge has many defences in British Columbia. If not dealt with, you could end up with a criminal record that can wreak havoc in your life. Call criminal defence attorney Gordon J. Dykstra toll free 1-877-753-4793 to discuss your uttering threats charge. Gordon serves Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission and all of BC.


Driving Prohibition Reviews
Did the Superintendent of BC Motor Vehicles issue you a driving prohibition because of 24 hour suspensions and/or points on your BC drivers licence? Did you know you can appeal or ask for a review? Talk to the BC criminal defence lawyer Gordon J. Dykstra to learn whether you have a case to get a review or appeal your driving prohibition.